Altech star Established in 2002, Altech Star Inc. is a part of ETA Star group, that has revenues in excess of $5 billion, 72000 employees, a global network of 140 entities and offices in 22 countries.

For our fast growing list of clients across the globe , who seek world-class solutions in Healthcare, Information Technology, Staffing services and BPO Services, Altech Star Inc., is the one trusted destination today.

We manage this difficult and fine balance because we believe that the building blocks of all human endeavor are people - we put people at the center of everything. And to people, be it employees, stakeholders or customers, we show not just a human face, but our soul as well. We believe that it is the way to build trust, to promote a culture of excellence and transparency, and to create an environment that is creative, vibrant and energetic.




ETA Star operates in 16 industry verticals that include Contracting and Engineering, Trading, Shipping, Manufacturing and Assembly, Facility Management, Automobile, Education, Insurance, Hospitality and Oil and Natural Gas.


We have undertaken Consulting projects, Implementation projects & BPO services for clients in the USA, UK and UAE. Our expertise and experience ensures that we deliver to our client’s satisfaction always.


The mantra of Altech Star Inc. is simple, think “global” in terms of quality, delivery and service, and act “local” in terms of accessibility, approachability and response time.


It’s CSR activities include procurement and distribution of mobile medicare units, building homes for the homeless, providing aid to earthquake, tsunami and other natural disaster victims and engaging in clean up campaigns and environment related programs.


we believe that people have an inherent desire to excel – a desire that ignites when exposed to an environment of excellence. We constantly strive to achieve perfection. Since we expect much from ourselves, only the best works for us - partners, hardware, software & people.


This new Mobile Medicare unit will provide free medical treatment for the sick and poor old people living in ten deserving and needy villages in and around Ramathapuram district.Since 1973, the group has been serving the global community with its outreach efforts.