Altech Star Inc has invaluable experience in providing Claims Management and Workforce Management services and solutions to hospitals in the US. Our senior management brings over 40 years of combined experience in various facets of Healthcare. We have undertaken Strategy Consulting Projects, developed and improved upon the Workforce Management and Claims Management at many healthcare facilities.

Underpayment Recovery Services

The hospitals have traditionally relied on contract management systems to flag payment variances. But as payer contracts have become increasingly complex, many systems have become incapable of keeping abreast of the changes in contracts, accommodating routine updates and retroactive billing, resulting in millions of dollars lost in underpaid claims. An added burden is the administrative costs & time involved in following up on claim re-filing & appeals.

  • Incorrect payments / Underpayments due to contractual misinterpretations
  • Fee-schedule changes that are contractually disallowed
  • Miscalculation and errors in risk-payment reconciliations
  • Inappropriate denials or nappropriate down-coding of claims
  • Non-payments

Payment Integrity Audit to ensure payment integrity & provide revenue enhancements to the hospitals. This audit helps the Hospitals & Health systems to identify and flag underpaid claims, incorrectly closed claims, inappropriate denials & rejections, detect payment variances, expedite provider appeals, and improve administration of contracts.

  • Recovery of revenue from inaccurately paid claims
  • Identification and correction of contract management issues
  • Increase in revenues
  • Analysis of the Billing/Coding practices & patterns
  • Continuous improvement in revenues & reduction of billing/coding errors

Workforce Optimizer is a strategic partner of Altech Star Inc. Einstein II is an artificial intelligence based software that integrates your workforce, financial, and business data to deliver predictive analytics and workforce planning capabilities. Built on the most comprehensive standards, Einstein II enables organizations to forecast ROI of workforce decisions, quantify the impact of workforce productivity, value career paths, and calculate cost savings and value creation from workforce interventions and workforce planning scenarios. Einstein II is one of the newer software of its kind. It leverages SaaS technology and complements your current systems and data warehouses. The powerful analytics engine delivers your organization’s workforce planning and analytics tools in an integrated platform. Organizations that utilize Einstein II are better equipped to make better informed strategic workforce decisions by leveraging smart and predictive dashboards and scenario planning tools.

Workforce Consulting is a strategic partner of Altech Star Inc. ‘Right Choice Workforce Solution’,a workforce consulting tool, helps in Current Contingent Program, Design Grid, Holding focus groups, Finalizing recruitment plans, Developing orientation plans, Go-Live and monitoring success.